”….as these examples suggest, Esmé Alexander might be described as a conceptual artist. But glass remains her material of choice, because of its inherent qualities – the speed, the element of chance, the heat, and primarily the way it carries and reflects colour. In their musical interpretation of Leopold von Sacher-Masoch’s novel Venus in Furs, the Velvet Underground sing about “different colours made of tears”. They might as well be talking about Esmé Alexander’s work.” Bo Madestrand

“Esmé Alexander´s glass is the art of absurdity, where running and dripping paint, hues of pastel, drops of the glass creating the unexpected and where every object is a witness of the dynamical dance before its own conclusion.” Peter Öhrlen

“-I look for moments of surprise and innovation. I let dreams, my subconscious and ideas of the moment take part in my work. I´m interested in the space where the unexpected and the utterly controlled meet.” E.A.

“….humour as an accompanying copemate and surrealism as a kaleidoscope through which to view life. Glass carries an intrinsic quality of uncertainty which is partly why it evokes such feelings of obsessive desire and lust. You can never know if you will achieve what you intend, and that’s why the joy of fulfilment is so great when you succeed.” Excerpt from an interview in FORM 1/09

Exhibitions 2011–2012

  • 2012   Sofiero Slott, Helsingborg
  • 2012   Nivå 125, Båstad
  • 2012   Welcome Design, Stockholm-Berlin, Berlin
  • 2012   Konsthantverkarna “Ceremonier”, 12 maj-26 juni
  • 2012   KH+, www.khplus.eu, Stockholm
  • 2012   Welcome Design, Stockholm-Berlin, Stockholm
  • 2011   Arkitekturmuseet (Moderna Museet) ”Signerat”, Stockholm
  • 2011   Blås och Knåda, ”Vad finns i skåpet?”. Stockholm
  • 2011   Konsthantverkarna, ”Absolutely fabulous!” (Sep.utst.), Stockholm
  • 2011   Konsthantverkarna, ”En lång, en kort”, 60 års jubileumsutställning. Stockholm
  • 2011   Arkitekturmuseet/Mod. Museet ”Signerat”. Stockholm
  • 2011   Galleri Mårten Pers Källa, Brantevik, Österlen
  • 2011   Grönbechs Gård, ”Homage to Bornholm”, Danmark.
  • 2011   Form/Designcenter ”Signerat”, Malmö.
  • 2011   Konsthantverkarna, ”Kurbits” Julutst. Stockholm
  • 2010   Krapperups Konsthall, ”Mycket snack och mycket verkstad”

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